About Us

Our Aim

To enable people with mobility impairments to take increasing control of their own affairs and to pursue personal choice, to advance and improve their quality of life.

What is Shopmobility?

Shopmobility Yeovil Somerset is a scheme providing powered scooters, as well as powered and manual wheelchairs to enable people with limited mobility to shop and use other pleasure/leisure facilities in Yeovil. Shopmobility are also holders of R.A.D.A.R keys.

Who Can Use Shopmobility?

Anyone with limited mobility can use Shopmobility, whether through permanent or temporary disability, illness, accident or age. You do not have to be disabled to use the service. There is now a £10 optional full membership fee which provides a discount for daily hire fees.

Services Available (see opening days/times)

Electric Scooter Hire

3 & 4 wheel electric scooters available for daily hire.
Full Members £4 a day
Other Members £5 a day


Electric Scooter Long-term Hire

4 wheel transportable electric scooters available for long-term hire which is able to be partly disassembled to make it easy to load into a car by taking of the battery, one of the set of wheels and the seat making the weight less of a problem. £10 overnight. £45 a week. £30 for a week-end plus a £50.00 deposit.


It's advisable to book long-term hire to avoid disappointment.


Power Wheelchair Hire

Available for daily hire. Left or Right hand control available

Full Members £4 for the day

Other Members £5 for the day

A £5.00 refundable deposit required. 

3rd Wheel Manual Wheelchair Hire

Available for daily hire.

£4 a day. Full Members

£5 a day Other Members 

A £5.00 refundable deposit required.

Manual Wheelchair Hire

Available for daily hire. £4.00 a day. A £5.00 refundable deposit is required. Or £10.00 for overnight with a £25.00 deposit required.



Manual Wheelchair Long-term Hire

Available for long-term hire. £20 for a weekend or £30 a week. A £25.00 deposit is required.